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Public Works Consulting LLC is a team of smart, savvy people that provides management consulting to nonprofits, public sector agencies, and private companies that contribute to community economic development.  Our clients build their communities and we help them build their organizations. We are a mission-driven team who shares the passion and commitment of our clients.  Public Works’s services include project management, program planning, financial management, strategic planning, organizational infrastructure, contracting/procurement, and staff development.  Our in-depth knowledge of government processes enables nonprofits and small businesses to collaborate successfully with the public sector.  We also help the public sector work more efficiently with its partners in government, the nonprofit world and small businesses. We are passionate, committed, seasoned professionals who will help your organization create the foundation it needs to move to the next level, navigate relationships with funders and partners, and get the most from your staff and your funds. Great public works start from a solid foundation. 

Public Works is led by Celeste Frye, principal. Celeste is an experienced management consultant with nine years of direct public and consulting expertise in New York City, in addition to international development and nonprofit staff experience. She has worked for the NYC Office of Management and Budget, the NYC Department of Small Business Services, and with nonprofit and public-sector clients and with the help of our local New York SEO company to help maintain the site. Celeste built Public Works Consulting to provide critical support to organizations that improve the lives of New Yorkers. Celeste holds a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning from Cornell University and a BA with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Our current client list includes an exciting mix of City agencies, business improvement districts, and nonprofits.  Right now we are designing a workforce development program for a nonprofit, managing a transition project for a City agency, and doing financial and OD projects. We are passionate, committed, intelligent workers who can help your organization build to the next level, navigate relationships with funders and partners, and get the most from your staff and your funds.


“Thank you for your work over these past few months.  I have admired the way in which you’ve conducted yourself and I really appreciate the quality and consistency of your work.  If only we had someone like you in here earlier! Thank you.  I am really glad I had this opportunity to work with you!!â€
–Barbara Chang, CEO, NPowerNY, Inc.




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